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Справки по телефонам:
+375 (33) 6268999

Телефон горячей линии:
8 (0222) 64-44-98

Прямая телефонная линия состоится:
С 8.00 до 10.00
20 апреля
18 мая
29 июня
8 (0222) 72-66-47


Директор – художественный руководитель и дирижёр государственного учреждения культуры «...


Симфонический оркестр

Симфонический оркестр Могилёвской капеллы - известный музыкальный коллектив как в Республике...



КАМЕРНЫЙ ХОР (год создания 1989) первым в городе Могилёве стал исполнять духовную музыку:...


About the capella

Since 1998 the chamber choir and orchestra created by Sergey Lischenko are united in Mogilev Capella on a professional basis. In 2002 "Mogilev City Capella" got the legal status of the Institution of Culture. Since that time the musicians annually prepared more than 20 concert programs. During the season the Capella performs more than 70 concerts, taking various audience: educational institutions, enterprises, concerts in the museums, theater and cultural centers. Organize lectures-concerts in general schools - always consisting all musicians, trying to fully and qualitatively uncover the artistic beauty and high meaning of serious music.

Each concert of the Capella traditionally consists of three parts: orchestral, choral and vocal-symphonic. Being in an active creative search, the personnel of the Capella prepares a variety of concert programs for memorable musical dates. The choir and orchestra regularly make concerts at the International Festival of Sacred Music "Mighty God" from the day of their foundation, being the initiator of the annual music forums: "Mogilev Choral Cathedral" in memory of Archbishop Georgy Konisskiy, Christmas Festival, music concerts of J.S.Bach , W.A.Mozart, the Easter concert. The Capella is an active member in city festive events, as well as regional and national holidays. The choir and orchestra for city dwellers of Mogilev region gave more than 1500 concerts and performances.

Since the foundation of Capella, the choir and orchestra did many preformances abroad. The several tours covers countries as: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Germany, France, Italy, China.

The Capella is differ by the performing universality, the ability to represent all genres of musical art - from vocal and instrumental miniatures to large compositions such as instrumental and choral concerts, liturgical cycles, symphonies, masses and operas in concert performance.

The symphony orchestra of the Mogilev City Capella is a well-known musical group in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Created by their artistic director and conductor Sergey Lischenko in 1993, the orchestra has an extensive repertoire. It includes all symphonies by L.Beethoven, P.Tchaikovsky, 12 London symphonies by J.Haydn, symphony by W.A. Mozart, F.Schubert, works by F.Mendelssohn, M.Glinka and other Western European, Russian, Belarusian composers-classics, as well as symphonic music of Latin American composers. With the participation of the orchestra in the city of Mogilev annually conduct international pleinairs of painters, festivals "Mighty God" and "Golden Hit", city festive balls and large festive events. Regular performances of the orchestra, constantly renovate its concert programs with bright masterpieces of the past and the present, attract numerous fans of classical music.